Angela's European Skin Care /Results Driven Since 1997 Vacuum Massage can be compared to Cupping where it bring the blood to the surface of the skin. BEMER promotes Microcirculation which also promotes blood flow and put high levels of Oxygen in the blood. Oxygen burn fat cells its a win win combination FDA Approved Don't Delay Book Your Appointment Today Call or Text 510-414-0408
                                                                                           Angela's European Skin Care /Results Driven                                                               Since 1997                               Vacuum Massage can be compared to Cupping where it bring                                                  the blood to the surface of the skin.                               BEMER promotes Microcirculation which also promotes blood                                        flow and put high levels of Oxygen in the blood.                                         Oxygen burn fat cells its a win win combination                                                                                                                                            FDA Approved                                            Don't Delay Book Your Appointment Today                                                         Call or Text 510-414-0408 

A Younger You Is What We Do

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Anti-aging Facial 1 treatment only

Cellulite Treatment before and After

16 Body Only Sessions

Angela's European Skin Care, established 1996  promoting healthy skin using products that are plant based, Pure,Safe,and Beneficial.  Using the best body machines on the market today to achieve optimum results.   Believing in the European philosophy skin care is a necessity not a luxury.  Microcurrent, Red Light Therapy, Vacuum Massage are all great treatments for post surgical procedures such as liposuction, laser, face lift these machines are the finishing touch to any of these procedures.  They are also great for pre-op as well the versatility of services that these machines can provide are amazing either before or after a cosmetic procedure.  Microcurrent and Light Therapy speed up the healing process of the skin.  Vacuum Massage is the best for cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and enhance muscle tone, eleminate left over cellulite that liposuction could not remove. Microdermabrasion is great for fine lines, dark spots, acne scarring.


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