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Purchase a package of 3 Microdermabrasion sesion for $360 you will receive $175 worth of Skin Care products for your skin type.

Microdermabrasion will give you helthy glowing skin it can help clear up acne scars, fine lines,change and transform your skin in just one hour.

It also includes Extractions, Mask, Hand Massage, Light Therapy


**** Cellulite/ Body Sculpting Sessions

Purchase a package of 16 30 minuite sessions for $880 you will receive $175 worth of Health & Wellness products.

Vacuum Massage along with Light Therapy help break down stubborn fat cells, also help firm and tone the skin and muscles.


**** Full Facial Toning 

Purchase a package of 6 sessions for $750 you will receive $175 worth of Skin Care products for your skin type.

Full Facial Toning sessions takes 1 hour 15 minuites this includes Vacuum Massage of the neck and face, 1 pass with the Microderm Crystals, Light Therapy, Facial Toning of the muscles of the neck and face.  It takes 6 treatments for the muscle to have memory and to firm and tone up this is also called the Non-Surgical Face Lift.


****Skin Rejuvenation Sessions

30 Minuite Session $35    6-10 Sessions Recommended  This treatment is worth its weight in Gold and affordable!

40 Minuite Session $45    6-10 Sessions Recommended includes the Declotte  

Buy a package of 3 your 4th one is 1/2 off

Buy a package of 6 your 7th one is Free

Starts with 10 minuite Vacuum Massage of the Face, Neck, followed by Cleanse with RE9 Exfoliation Face Wash,Light Therapy, Moisturizer for your skin type


Having face or body treatments are so important but even more important is the products you use on a daily basis.  Your products are 90% of what is needed to slow down the aging process of your face and body this is why we give our clients a starter package of tne products we use and recommend as they are Pure, Safe and Beneficial.  

Pure means they use the purest ingredients available

Safe means clean chemical free ingredients with only 1% preservatives

Beneficial means you will see the benefit as your skin and body will be transformed




Put  your best Face & Body because you are special and you can see the benefits of one Microderm Treatment  just imagine how amazing your skin will look and feel when you do a series of  Three to Six Treatments.  Just having a Facial once a month on a regular basis can take 10yrs off of the aging of your skin.   One of the most affordable & yet most beneficial skin treatment I offer is the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment this treatment is worth it's weight in gold and is very affordable for anyone who is 40yrs or older this treatment will help to firm & tone  up your skin.  


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