Angela's European Skin Care /Results Driven Since 1996 Synergie a Revolutionary new machine designed to Melt Fat, Cellulite,Tighten & Tone Skin. Let Us Transform your Body Today!! You will look & feel great!! Discover Synergie Cellulite Solutions Today FDA approved seen on Today Show & Good Morning America Don't Delay Book Your Free Consultation Today Call or Text 510-414-0408
                       Angela's European Skin Care /Results Driven Since 1996Synergie a Revolutionary new machine designed to Melt Fat, Cellulite,Tighten & Tone Skin.                  Let Us Transform your Body Today!!  You will look & feel great!!                                      Discover Synergie Cellulite Solutions Today                                         FDA approved seen on Today Show & Good Morning America                                 Don't Delay Book Your Free Consultation Today                                               Call or Text 510-414-0408 

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Clients before and after for a fraction of the cost compared to other services being marketed today.

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Fat Melting/Cellulite/Skin Tightening Sessions

Our Cellulite sessions will take your body and skin to the next level.   Vacuum Massage you will look and fell great!!  Vacuum Massage brings the blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin.  Oxygen burns fat  while blood stimulates the skin which tightens and firms the skin.

Vacuum Massage also gets rid of scar tissue build up great for ladies who have had a C Section birth, Post Lypo-suction.  We treat the Body each sesseion.

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Real Results!!!!   $160 per session Body Only  Package 8 Reg. $1,280      

Body Suit $42 sold seperatly

 Save $640 when you pre-pay for a package of 8 sessions.

Ultimate Microdermabrasion 

         Combination of                                                 

 Vacuum Massage,Microderm and Light Therapy

 this is a winning combination let us take your skin to the   next level!!!

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Great for Fine Lines, Acne Scars, Dark Spots

Ultimate Microderm includes Vacuum Massage, 2 pass with the crystals, Extractions, Mask, Red Light Therapy, Hand Massage finish eye cream, moisturizer with SPF 30


Regular Microderm same as above but does not include Vacuum Massage


Express Microderm 2 pass with the crystals, Light Therapy,Moisturizer (No Extractions)



Ultimate Microderm  75 mins  $155 each

Regular Microderm   60 mins  $130 each

Express Microderm  30 mins   $90  each


Save when you Pre-Pay for one of these packages

Package of 2 Ultimate Microderm $240

Package of 2 Regular Microderm  $205

Package of 2 Express Microderm $162

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 Cellulite reduction skin tightening, Acne Facials, Anti-Aging Facial, Mini Deep Cleansing Facial, Microdermabrasion                         

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