Angela's European Skin Care /Results Driven Since 1997 Vacuum Massage can be compared to Cupping where it bring the blood to the surface of the skin. BEMER promotes Microcirculation which also promotes blood flow and put high levels of Oxygen in the blood. Oxygen burn fat cells its a win win combination FDA Approved Don't Delay Book Your Appointment Today Call or Text 510-414-0408
                                                                                           Angela's European Skin Care /Results Driven                                                               Since 1997                               Vacuum Massage can be compared to Cupping where it bring                                                  the blood to the surface of the skin.                               BEMER promotes Microcirculation which also promotes blood                                        flow and put high levels of Oxygen in the blood.                                         Oxygen burn fat cells its a win win combination                                                                                                                                            FDA Approved                                            Don't Delay Book Your Appointment Today                                                         Call or Text 510-414-0408 

Fat Melting/Cellulite/ Skin Tightening

Fat Melting/Cellulite/Skin Tightening/ Treatment


30 Min. Session Body  

Face, Neck can be added on 

Bemer Session can be added 


BEMER Technology promotes microciuculation which increases the blood flow and promotes high levels of oxygen in the blood.  Oxygen burns the fat cells the more oxygen the more fat burning!!

                                                                                                                                 Real Results!!  We are Results Driven 

European Women used this method to keep their Skin Tigher, & Cellulite Free

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                                                                                                                                       A  series of 8 or more sessions depends on each person body goal

Great way to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, tighten skin, sculpt your body and face all at the same time!!



This service is performed with our vacuum massage machine you will be wearing a specially designed body suit for your comfort this body suit allows the machine to glide over the body easily.  The vacuum brings the blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin which speeds up the breaking down of the fat cells.  It is highly recommended that you drink two to three litres of water after your session this helps to flush toxins that are released from the lymphatic system to help you to acheive your goal.  This treatment will also help tighten and firm up your skin as well.   



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